15 de novembro de 2008

Canned Heat

"Canned Heat is a blues-rock/boogie band that formed in Los Angeles in 1965. The group has been noted for its own interpretations of blues material as well as for efforts to promote the interest in this type of music and its original artists. (...) The music and attitude of Canned Heat afforded them a large following and established the band as one of the popular acts of the hippie era." [wikipedia]

"A hard-luck blues band of the '60s, Canned Heat was founded by blues historians and record collectors Alan Wilson and Bob Hite. (...) Canned Heat's debut album was every bit as deep into the roots of the blues as any other combo of the time mining similar turf, with the exception of the original Paul Butterfield band." [allmusic]

Poeira Discos brings to you the first five albums by Canned Heat. The torrents have been created by saxxon from TPB. We are just helping the seed. Enjoy!