23 de abril de 2009

Kylesa - Static Tensions

After a long winter, our humble weblog is back with some great news... HEAVY METAL IS NOT DEAD!!!

I've been searching high and low in the music news lately, trying to find some good new underground independent metal bands, and for my pleasant surprise I actually found a couple of bands I actually liked. Kylesa is one of them.

This USA quintet hails from Georgia and delivers a complex, dark and sexy mix of psychedelic metal. The band's sound reminded me, in anti-chronological order, of Desert Sessions, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and Black Sabbath. Great company, might I add.

They have recently released their fourth album, "Static Tensions", a mature and interesting record that will last long in your portable music device.

To reinforce that we are not here to steal anything from anyone, but rather to promote good music and honest bands, here's a few links for your personal amusement:

Kylesa - Official website (I wish they had the lyrics of their songs in there)

Kylesa Merch - On this part of their website you can buy beautiful t-shirts and vinyl pressings of the new album. Sweet!

Kylesa Store - Their visual material is very nice. On this website you can buy some cool t-shirts.

While you wait for your vinyl and your t-shirt to get inside your mailbox, you can listen to this new album here:

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